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Brian Pearce

Senior Director

I am amazed at the success that independent practices have had in keeping their operations up and running in an environment that is promoting dependency. As government regulations and payer reimbursement plans are changing, responsibilities continue to rise within these practices and revenue slowly decreases. It concerns me when I think about the frustrations that these practices feel.
I have always had a passion to connect the right people with the right services for the best outcomes. AXIA has given me the opportunity to do something that I feel strongly about and partner with fellow healthcare workers to bring value to both practices and patients.

Brian Pearce is the senior director of AXIA support services. His primary goal is to empower medical practices so that they can enhance patient experiences and improve patient outcomes while making a positive financial impact within the practice. Brian supports and oversees the AXIA team so they have the tools necessary to improve medical practices’ revenue cycle metrics and operational metrics while allowing the practices to keep their autonomy.

Brian has served in both clinical roles and revenue cycle roles with more than 20 years of healthcare experience. His well-rounded experience includes a background in radiology with certifications in radiography, computerized tomography and magnetic resonance imaging.

Prior to AXIA, Brian served as both lead and regional technologist, defining best practices and writing policy and procedures for a large organization. Brian transitioned into revenue cycle services, serving as director of centralized scheduling and pre-authorization services. Overseeing on-site registration and financial counseling areas for six acute care facilities expanded his revenue cycle knowledge.

Brian is a member of the MGMA, HFMA, and ARRT, and holds a bachelor’s degree in radiologic science from Florida Hospital College and a master’s degree in healthcare management from Pfeiffer University.

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